iTC 开发者指南【英文版】-Part 6 Displaying on the Store in More Than One Language

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Displaying on the Store in More Than One Language (Optional)


After you create an iTunes Connect record for your app, you can add the information for your primary localization and add additional localizations.

For example, if you created the iTunes Connect record for your app with the primary language English, stores in all territories display information for the app in English. If you now upload metadata, keywords, and screenshots in French, users whose language is set to French or who are located in a territory that includes French (and not English) as a supported language see the French metadata instead of the English metadata. Your app is also searchable in all French-language stores by the localized keywords. In other store territories, the primary language, in this case English, appears.

Note that the language set for users’ devices controls which metadata is used when an app is presented in the store. If there’s no localized metadata available that matches the current language, the store will pick the next closest localized metadata to display. If you would like to display specific metadata for any particular storefront, provide metadata for that locale. Note, too, that the URL for the app is the same, regardless of the iOS or OS X language setting.

Important:  The language information you provide here isn’t the same as the language information built into the app itself. The list of languages displayed in the store under Languages is set in the app build.
To have localized information describe your app in the store, you need to provide it through iTunes Connect.

Adding New Languages

Important: You can add a new localization only when your app status allows editing, such as the Prepare for Submission status. See About App Statuses. For a list of available localizations see App Store Localizations.

When you add a new language, all information except the description and keywords is pre-populated from the primary language metadata, including any screenshots. You need to update the metadata with localized information for the new language. If you don’t upload new screenshots, the previous (primary language) versions are used.
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