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What is Search Ads?

Search Ads is an efficient and easy way foryou to promote your app at the top of App Store search results. You pay onlywhen a user taps on your ad, and our auction system ensures you always pay afair market price.

You have plenty of flexibility with SearchAds. For example:
  • Invest as much or as little as your budgetallows.
  • Start or stop ads at any time.
  • No minimum spend.
  • No long-term commitment.

Who can use Search Ads

If you’re a developer with an app currentlyon the App Store for iPhone or iPad in the U.S., UK, Australia, or New Zealand,or an agency that manages campaigns on behalf of developers, you may beeligible to use Search Ads. Certain exceptions apply, and all advertisers mustcomply with Search Ads Content and Advertising policies at all times.

View a list of countries where advertisersmust reside to be eligible to sign up for Search Ads.

Why advertise


Search Ads provides developers control overapp discoverability on the App Store, increasing your opportunity to drivedownloads. The App Store is the primary place where people proactively go tosearch for apps, with more than 65% of all app downloads coming directly fromApp Store searches.* Search Ads helps you:
  • Promote your app at the very moment peopleare searching for apps like yours.
  • Position your app at the top of App Storesearch results.

With a simple setup process and campaignflexibility, Search Ads can work for all developers, with any level ofmarketing expertise or any size budget.
* Based on U.S. App Store Data


How pricing works

Search Ads pricing is a cost-per-tap model(CPT), so you only pay when a user taps on your ad. The actual cost of a tap isa result of a second price auction, which calculates the CPT you pay based onwhat your nearest compe** is willing to pay for a tap on their ad, up toyour maximum CPT bid. This means you can bid competitively without the worry ofoverpaying.

Ad details

How Ads are created

Search Ads uses the metadata and imageryyou already provided in your App Store listing to create your ad. If you changeyour App Store metadata, it can take up to 24 hours to be reflected in the adpreview within the Search Ads campaign app, and up to two hours for it to bereflected in your Search Ads listing.

Since ad appearance relies on metadata,take the time to review your app metadata in iTunes Connect, before you start acampaign. Search Ads does not support customization of ad creative, so youcan’t change the way your ad looks or upload your own ad design.

How ads appear

When a user searches on the App Store, asingle, sponsored ad may appear at the top of the search results.

All ads have a blue background and addisclosure icon. It could appear in one of several formats, depending on theuser’s device and what may work best for the search query and user.

To see examples of how your ads look as youset up your campaign, click on View Examples in the ad preview box locatedwithin your ad group settings. The preview doesn’t show actual app ratings, butthe live ad shows live ratings plus the price and currency of the app for thestorefront you chose.

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