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Providing Promo Codes


Provide potential customers or reviewerswith a free copy of your iOS, tvOS, or Mac app by using promo codes. Promocodes can be redeemed through any store territory where your app is availableand are valid for four weeks from the day they’re generated. Each promo codegenerated for an app can be used one time to download the app.

Requesting Promo Codes

You can request up to 100 promo codes forevery version of each platform of your app, or for your in-app purchases.

With in-app purchase promo codes, users candownload your app (if the price of the app set to free) and redeem the code forthe in-app purchase item. Codes can even be used before your app is availableon the App Store. You can provide up to 100 promo codes for each in-apppurchase item, with a limit of 1,000 total in-app purchase codes per app everysix months (resetting on January 1 and July 1). These codes are fornon-commercial use and expire 28 days after they were requested.

To request promo codes for an app version,the version’s status must be Ready for Sale or Pending Developer Release. Forin-app purchases, the state must be Approved or it won't appear as anoption.

An iTunes Connect user with the Admin orMarketer role can request promo codes. If the Promo Codes page isn’t availableto you, you don’t have the correct role to request promo codes.

To request promo codes
1.Sign in to iTunes Connect.

2.On the iTunes Connect homepage, click MyApps.

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