iTC 开发者指南【英文版】-Part 2 Overview of iTunes Connect

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Overview of iTunes Connect


iTunesConnect is asuite of web-based tools created for developers to submit and manage their appsfor sale using the App Store or Mac App Store. It organizes your portfolio ofstore content, documents, and contact information so that you can easily findand add to the material. iTunes Connect also collects status information,feedback, and earnings information that comes from Apple. This means that youcan manage your app sales progress from a single place.

Sign In to iTunesConnect

Before you can use iTunes Connect, you musthave an iTunes Connect user account. There are two ways to receive an iTunesConnect account:

  • Startyour own iTunes Connect organization by enrolling in an Apple Developer Program. You can then sign in to iTunes Connect asyour organization’s team agent. The Apple ID you used for the Apple DeveloperProgram is your credential to sign in to iTunes Connect.
  • Beinvited into an existing iTunes Connect organization. The organization’s team agentor another user with an iTunes Connect Admin role must create your accountusing your name and email address. If the email address isn’t already an AppleID, iTunes Connect generates an Apple ID using this email address. See Setting Up User Accounts for instructions for creating new usersand for what to do if a member of your organization already has an Apple ID.

Note:Both the Apple Developer Program andiTunes Connect use Apple IDs for account validation. However, being a member ofthe Apple Developer Program doesn’t automatically give users access to iTunesConnect. Users must be invited to join iTu ...
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