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iTunes Connect Properties


Important: For the latest iTunes Connect documentation, go to iTunes Connect Developer Help.

This appendix describes the properties of an app entered in iTunes Connect and displayed on the App Store or Mac
App Store, as well as properties of iTunes Connect Users and Roles.

Many of the properties in the following sections are either locked or unlocked. Unlocked properties are always editable. Locked properties are only editable when your app is in an editable state. The tables in this section indicate whether a property is locked or unlocked. Changes you make to unlocked properties are posted immediately, but expect 24 hours for a full refresh of the change on the store. See also About App Statuses.

Shared App Information

You can access these properties from the App Details page in the App Information section. This information is shared across any platform added to the app.

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Platform Version Information

The following properties contain the text and images that appear for the app in stores for each territory in which the app is available for sale or download. For information about setting the initial values, see Creating an iTunes Connect Record for an App. For information about updating these values, see Viewing and Changing Your App’s Metadata.

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