iTC 开发者指南【英文版】-Part 20 Working with Catalog Reports

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Working with Catalog Reports


In the Catalog Reports section in iTunesConnect, you can request and download reports that detail the metadata andconfigurations for the iTunes Connect information for your organization’scatalog of apps, including apps, in-app purchase products, and metadata for GameCenter leaderboards and achievements.

Each report includes all availableinformation for an organization.

Each type of catalog report can be run asoften as once per 24-hour period. Reports are available for 30 days after theyare posted and are formatted as tab-delimited text files.

Requesting Catalog Reports

Users with access to My Apps who have theReports role can access Catalog Reports.

To request a new catalog report
1.Click My Apps.

2.On the Ellipsis menu at the top-left,select Catalog Reports.

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