iTC 开发者指南【英文版】-Part 16 App Bundles

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App Bundles


App bundles offer an easy way for yourcustomers to purchase up to 10 of your paid iOS apps at a reduced price.Customers who previously purchased one or more apps in an app bundle can usethe Complete My Bundle feature and will see the bundle price adjusted toaccount for those previous purchases.

Creating an App Bundle

Users with the Admin, Technical, AppManager, or Marketer role have access to create and manage an App Bundle.

To create an app bundle, pick at least twoiOS apps you want to include, give your bundle a name, write a description, andset a price on iTunes Connect.

You create an app bundle by creating aseparate iTunes Connect record for it, just as you did to create the recordsfor the individual apps. On My Apps, click the plus sign and select CreateBundle to bring up the Create Bundle page.

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