iTC 开发者指南【英文版】-Part 15 Replacing Your App with a New Version

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Replacing Your App with a New Version


When you’re ready to distribute a newversion of your app, you upload the new app build into the same iTunes Connectrecord you created for the app’s previous version. Updated versions keep thesame Apple ID, iTunes Connect ID (SKU), and bundle ID as the original version.You can update the metadata used in the store for the new app version and add adescription of the new version’s features. Updated app versions are availablefree to customers who purchased a previous version.

Adding a new version of an app is similarto adding the first version, except that you can set additional options:
  • What’s New in this Version. Whenadding a new version, you provide version-specific text to augment the appdescription in the store.
  • iCloud availability. If you areupdating an app for legal or usability reasons, you can indicate that you don’twant a previous version of the app to be available on iCloud.

Creating the Next App Version in iTunes Connect

You can add a new version of an app whenthe current version’s status is Ready for Sale or Developer Removed from Sale.The new app version goes through the same review process as the first version.

Note: If you find a problem with the build whose status isWaiting for Review or In Review, you can remove the build from review andupload a revised version of the app without starting a new version. See Removinga Build from Review.

Only the team agent or users with an Admin,Technical, or App Manager role can add a new app version. If your user accountdoesn’t have the appropriate role, you don’t see the My Apps section on theiTunes Connect homepage. Contact a user in your organization with an Admin roleto give you the right access. See Viewing,Editing, and Deleting iTunes Connect Users.

To add an updated version of an app
1.As an iTunes Connect user with theappropriate role, sign in to iTunesConnect.

2.On the iTunes Connect homepage, click MyApps.

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