iTC 开发者指南【英文版】-Part 13 Viewing and Changing Your App’s Metadata

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Viewing and Changing Your App’s Metadata


After you create an iTunes Connect recordfor an app, the app appears in the My Apps section in iTunes Connect. You openthe app record from here whenever you need to access the app information.

In addition to the metadata andconfiguration options you provide for the app, iTunes Connect organizes appinformation that can be shared across different platforms and information thatis specific to each platform individually. This chapter describes how youaccess the information and how and when you can update it. For information onupdating the build for an app, see ReplacingYour App with a New Version.

To manage an existing app you must haveaccess to it in one of the following roles: Admin, Technical, App Manager,Developer, or Marketer.

Viewing App Information

You can view the app metadata as entered iniTunes Connect and as it will appear in the store for a given language. Afteryou upload an app build, you can view the information iTunes Connect reads fromthe build, including the binary size.

Viewing an App

If your user account doesn’t have theappropriate access, you won’t see the My Apps section on the iTunes Connecthomepage. To be able to add an app, contact a user in your organization with anAdmin role to give you access. Find a user with an Admin role as describedin Viewing,Editing, and Deleting iTunes Connect Users.

To view the iTunes Connect record for anapp
1.As an iTunes Connect user with anappropriate role, sign in to iTunesConnect.

2.On the iTunes Connect homepage, click MyApps.

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