iTC 开发者指南【英文版】-Part 9 Configuring Store Technologies

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Configuring Store Technologies (Optional)


When apps are distributed through the App Store or Mac App Store, they can take advantage of Apple store technologies such as Game Center and in-app purchase. If you implement any of these store technologies in your app, you’ll use iTunes Connect to configure the interaction between your app and the Apple services. You also use iTunes Connect to register any additional content that you want to make available through store technologies that may require additional configuration in iTunes Connect. iCloud storage containers can be combined into display sets so users of apps from the same organization see one data storage location in iCloud. Use iTunes Connect to define iCloud display sets, including setting the display set ID that you use in your app build to associate the app with the display set.

Adding Configurations for Store Technologies to the App Record

After you create an iTunes Connect record for your app, you have access to pages for configuring store technology assets used by the app. You can access each store technology page from Features on the App Details page for the app.

Note: Only certain users have access to the My Apps section or the ability to make changes within this section. Contact a user in your organization with an Admin role if you need additional access.

iCloud Display Sets

Your apps can use iCloud to store related documents and data. The documents and data are stored in containers that you configure in the app’s Info.plist. No iTunes Connect configuration is required to enable an app to use iCloud containers.

In addition to iCloud containers, iCloud supports display sets that allow multiple iCloud apps to use a single entry in the iCloud Documents & Data user settings. Each app still writes data to its container; the display set references the storage used for all the containers. To use iCloud display sets, you need to configure the display set in iTunes Connect, identify the apps that use it, and reference the display set from each app’s Info.plist.

For example, you might provide a custom calendar app, a task-list app, and an alarm clock app that have their own iCloud containers, each of which shows up in users’ Documents & Data settings in iCloud. If you wanted to have users configure data storage for these apps in a single setting, you could create an iCloud display set called “NotifyMe” that included the containers for all three apps. You would set up iCloud containers for each app:
  • iCloud.MyCalendar
  • iCloud.MyTasks
  • iCloud.MyAlarm
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