iTC 开发者指南【英文版】-Part 5 Uploading a Build for an App

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Uploading a Build for an App


Uploading a Build

Once you have created and saved an iTunesConnect record for an app, you can upload a build. Only users with thefollowing roles can upload builds to iTunes Connect: Admin, Technical, AppManager, and Developer.

As you continue to change your app, you canupload new builds. Uploading the first build for the app creates a newprerelease version of the app.

After you upload your build to iTunesConnect, it needs to be processed in Apple’s system. After it finishesprocessing, Apple will send you an email.

There are two tools to help you uploadbuilds into iTunes Connect: Xcode and Application Loader.

Using Xcode

The Xcode development environment istightly integrated with iTunes Connect. When you add an app to iTunes Connect,uploading a build for your app using Xcode is straightforward and efficient.When your iTunes Connect record is ready, Xcode receives metadata from theavailable record. From inside Xcode, you associate the build with the iTunesConnect record you created for the app and complete the upload. For moreinformation, read Uploading Your App to iTunes Connect in App Distribution Guide.

Using Application Loader
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