iTC 开发者指南【英文版】-Part 3 Setting Up User Accounts

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Setting Up User Accounts


The Users and Roles section in iTunes Connect allows a user with an Admin or App Manager role to set up three types of users:
  • iTunes Connect users.These User Roles have access to your organization’s content in iTunes Connect. You assign roles to control which sections these accounts can access.
  • TestFlight Beta testers.You can invite these internal iTunes Connect users and external users to test your app.
  • Sandbox testers.You use these Apple user accounts to test development-mode apps with Apple technologies such as in-app purchase.

You can also set up limited app access for specific users.
If your organization is small, the first user—the team agent—might be the only user for the organization.
If your organization requires additional iTunes Connect users, the user accounts need to be created from inside iTunes Connect. The team agent can create the additional users or can create a user with an Admin role who can create additional users.
To perform the tasks in this section, sign in to iTunes Connect as the team agent or other iTunes Connect user with an Admin role, and click “Users and Roles.”

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